IIT Research Institute Acquires iMove™ Spherical Video System
Leading government research institute extends partnership with iMoveTM to create powerful immersive imaging solutions for government agencies and private firms.
March 20, 2001

March 20, 2001 Portland, Ore. – iMove™ Inc., the provider of immersive video solutions, announced today that the IIT Research Institute (IITRI) has purchased an iMove SVS-2000 system. IITRI, a leading government research firm addressing mission critical problems, will use the SVS-2000 system as a tool to design and implement solutions. IITRI and iMove have partnered for several years to create immersive imaging solutions for key government agencies and private firms, with a focus on the intelligence community and law enforcement. The announcement today strengthens this partnership. IITRI plans to use the SVS-2000 to further demonstrate the effectiveness of this leading edge technology to it customers. In addition to the SVS-2000, IITRI will represent iMove in the resale of other iMove products including the Multiview Interactive Video Production Suite and iMove Content Delivery Services.

Immersive visualization solutions can provide a range of capabilities including both spherical and multicamera video. Spherical video places the viewer in the center of an environment, while multicamera video places the viewer in position to see an event from multiple camera angles. In both cases the viewer is in control of camera angles, viewing direction and zooming capability. These video formats also integrate the capability to link to embedded audio, text and website hotspots.

“By teaming up with a firm with depth and knowledge in addressing mission critical technology challenges for the US Government and other private firms, iMove will be assured of being included in the latest, innovative solutions for visual documentation, surveillance, mission rehearsal and training,” stated Kermit Yensen, CEO of iMove. “Together IITRI and iMove will provide the government and firms with the best video computing solutions available”.

“iMove’s technology and services are an excellent fit for IITRI’s current development directions,” said Charles Gettier, IITRI Operation Manager and Vice President. “With iMove’s immersive technology on board, we will be uniquely positioned to add value to many of our customers’ projects.”

About iMove

iMove enables immersive video. iMove provides a production and delivery system that enables users of video content to select different camera angles, including a 360-degree spherical view, control playback speed and direction, rewind and freeze frames and delve into audio, text and Web site hotspots. Located in Portland, OR, iMove created an immersive video architecture to serve the next generation imaging needs of the government and private firms in law enforcement, military and entertainment applications. For more information, consult the iMove website at or call 503-221-2449.


IIT Research Institute is a not-for-profit contract research organization that has provided R&D; support to industry and government since 1936. Affiliated with the Illinois Institute of Technology, IITRI maintains offices nationwide, with corporate headquarters in Chicago, Illinois and McLean, Virginia. IITRI’s principal areas of research include biodefense; chemical and explosive sciences; information management; life sciences; materials, manufacturing and reliability analysis; medical informatics and telemedicine; spectrum management; telecommunications; and transportation.


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