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What Is iPAQ Software?

The HP iPAQ line combines technology, compactness, convenience, and cool design. This article will analyze the best services and software solutions to expand the functionality of pocket gadgets.

The functionality of HP iPAQ

Since 1939, the HP company has been one of the confident leaders in the world market of computers and office equipment. Today, HP is one of the largest technology solutions providers for businesses, organizations, and consumers. The company provides solutions in the field of IT infrastructure, personal computing systems, imaging, printing devices, software, and service support. The company operates in more than 170 countries around the world.

The HP line of pocket personal computers (iPAQ) occupies a special place in the company’s product range. The HP iPAQ 200 series Pocket PCs have been one of the most anticipated mobile devices. Talk about the extinction of the CCP as a class has been going on for a long time. Gadget lovers and the general public alike have sadly watched the departure of leading manufacturers from this once-vibrant market. Many sadly looked at the cessation of production of interesting and still in-demand devices. Following the reports of another reduction in the PDA segment and an increase in the total share of communicators, devices remaining in stores were purchased with the thought of the imminent termination of technical support and any service. HP’s announcements about the planned release of the long-awaited successor to the famous iPAQ 4700 were met with enthusiasm and numerous suggestions about what the heir will be like. The 200 series PDAs have been on sale since January 2008. HP iPAQ 214 Enterprise Handheld has become the completed device of the iPAQ line.

The built-in software allows you to work with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel documents, read web pages on the Internet (Pocket Internet Explorer), receive, send, and synchronize e-mail with a personal computer, and exchange instant messages via MSN Messenger. The computer has all the necessary organizer functions – a detailed schedule for years to come, contact, and to-do lists, which are also synchronized with a PC (Microsoft Outlook). The built-in voice recorder switched on by pressing one button, will not let the smart thought that came to your mind along the way disappear.

The best software solutions for iPAQ

The set of additional software in the iPAQ 214 is not rich. However, a pocket computer’s screen is no different from the standard one. As a bonus, there are icons for wireless connections and several PDA status indicators. So, let’s consider the most popular software solutions available for the iPAQ product line:

  • RhinoCode TodayPanel Lite 3.8 is responsible for their appearance and configuration.
  • ClearVue PDF is installed to view the popular electronic document format PDF.
  • HP PrintSmart Mobile allows the printer to connect over a network or via Bluetooth. By default, only Hewlett-Packard printer models are available for selection.
  • BT Phone Manager configures interaction with cell phones via the Bluetooth interface. A similar setup of a network connection can be done independently and much faster using the standard tools of the operating system and the Broadcom stack.
  • The HP iPAQ QuickStart Tour and HP iPAQ Tips are designed to make getting to know your Pocket PC easier.
  • The traditional HP Asset Viewer provides the user with various information about the hardware and software of the Pocket PC
  • You can find the HP CertEnroller utility in the settings menu, with which you can obtain certificates in corporate networks.
  • iPAQ File Store allows you to use 22 MB of non-volatile flash memory to store applications, files, and organizer data. The information in this location will be saved even after a “hard” reset due to accidental battery discharge.
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