iMove Panoramic Media
Platform: 3D Studio MAX & 3D Studio VIZ

Panoramic Renderings from 3D Studio Models
Enable viewers to "go inside" your 3D models with iMove Panoramic Media for 3D Studio. This multifaceted software lets you create interactive panoramas, panoramic videos and panoramic objects from computer-generated models created with 3D Studio Max and VIZ.

Customers Directly Benefit from Using iMove Technology
"iMove technology convinced a potential donor to give 10 million dollars for a major renovation to the Museum of Natural History. The technology enabled people to become enthusiastic about the design by seeing it move in front of their eyes before it was built. My customers love iMove Panoramas and keep using my services because of them."
— Jonathan Arnold, Jonathan Arnold Imaging

Benefits of iMove Panoramic Media

panoramic video 
 MED   7.3 MB 
west bay club
Often it is difficult to turn a blue print into a mental view of a structure that is not yet built. With computer-generated panoramic videos, it is much simpler. Take a virtual walk-through of the new West Bay Club condominiums in this exclusive Atlantic Gulf Community.
(Atlanta Gulf Community, Property of West Bay Club. Created by Eddie Leon, Ephraim Oliver, and Adam Demler, Coral Gables, FL, 305.444.4691,

 LO   522 KB 
Stop in and enjoy this 360-degree panoramic view of a Napa Valley winery.
(Created by Vic Lass, Reality Zone, 9 Berram Rd., Rondebosch, 7700 Cape Town, South Africa, +27 83 261 6771,

In March 2000, iMove signed an exclusive software distribution agreement with Digimation for iMove Panoramic Media. iMove Panoramic Media takes you to the next level of immersive visualization — of computer-generated spaced — the creation of interactive spherical panoramas, panoramic videos and panoramic objects from 3D studio models. The resulting images are so realistic that they mimic the real world, practically letting you "look" and "go" anywhere.

Please visit for further information or to order iMove Panoramic Media. Digimation is the sole distributor of iMove Panoramic Media for 3D Studio MAX and 3D Studio VIZ.

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