iMove’s Spherical Video Camera (SVS-2000) was designed for government applications in law enforcement, security, and public safety. As a tool for visual documentation, it is a camera that misses nothing in sight. As a system for mission rehearsal and training, Spherical Video brings visual reality and freedom of navigation to those needing to understand spaces and situations.

Public Building Documentation
In recent years we have become acutely aware of the tragedies that can occur in public places. Citizens are vulnerable in schools, restaurants, office buildings, and even in churches. Having readily available visual documentation of public buildings can enhance emergency response. A spherical video document of the facility can assist in how a public safety organization responds. SWAT teams or firefighters can virtually walk through a space before physically entering. A command officer can guide a team of firefighters through smoke-filled rooms. A hostage rescue team can better understand every angle and nook as they make an entry. Spherical video can be prepared and stored on DVD, CD-ROM, or even on the Internet for access when required.

Risk Management Documentation
Spherical video can document space in new and comprehensive ways. A daily tour of a major construction project will provide a comprehensive record of work in process, critical if a workplace accident occurs. A spherical video created by walking through a museum, church, or other public building can become a visual record for use by insurance companies and risk planners.

Crime or Accident Scene Documentation
In both forensic and trial settings, the immediate and complete visual record of a crime scene or accident can be the difference between a conviction and an acquittal. A spherical record, created before any other investigative activity takes place, may provide the definitive answer to questions about evidence contamination. And spherical video provides a way for investigators and jurors to understand a scene without unnecessary travel.

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