Multiview Interactive Video enhances online advertising in a variety of ways and introduces new opportunities for commercial messaging. In a recent study conducted for iMove by a major national research organization, the following was reported:

Interactive Video Advertisements
Advertisements can be made using interactive video. Multicamera video and hotspots can create a new way of presenting products and services that engage the user. Put the entertainment factor of user control into advertising and convert the couch potato into an activist, engaged and committed to finding out more.

Hotspot Sponsor Logos
Hotspots inserted in a video can be represented by a static or animated logo, discretely positioned inside the video content. The message is not in a separate frame or viewing window but front and center. Click on the logo at any time to connect to the sponsor Website.

Inserted Streaming Advertising
Interactive video advertisements can be inserted into a video stream as part of the iMove hosting and distribution service. An ad at the beginning or end of a video is in a premium location, guaranteed to be seen by those who select a piece of content.

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