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the iMoveTM Viewer
iMove’s Viewer transforms the video experience available to Internet users from a passive to an active experience. Multiview Interactive Video engages the audience and changes its expectations of what a video experience should be.

User Experience
In a recent focus group study performed by a national market research company, users were offered a chance to compare Multiview Interactive Video with traditional video formats. The study confirmed three essential points:

With the iMove format, a user can select camera views, control playback speed and direction, rewind and freeze frames, and delve into audio, text and website links that appear in the video as hotspots. Video thumbnails give the user a smaller view of each camera angle available to watch the video. Users can select different camera angles by selecting the video thumbnails.

iMove anticipates offering this software in the form of customized plug-ins to standardize streaming software from RealNetworks, Microsoft, and Apple.


Play forwards and backwards Zoom in and out
Play frame by frame Select different camera angles
Stop Print
Rewind Export view
Forward to last frame Look in any direction (spherical video)
Reset initial view Click on hotspots

Viewer Implementations

Browser Plug-in Used to view iMove video from within a web browser
Stand-alone Viewer Used to view iMove video outside of the web environment
ActiveX Control Used to view iMove video in an ActiveX-enabled application such as PowerPoint

System Requirements

Operating System Windows® 2000, Windows® NT 4.0, Windows 95, or Windows 98
CPU Intel Pentium® compatible processor
Memory 32 MB RAM minimum
Graphics Card VGA or higher
Click here to download the iMoveTM Browser Plug-in (1.6 MB)
Click here to download the iMoveTM Stand-alone Viewer (1.8 MB)  

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