The first commercial examples of online sports coverage using iMove™ Multiview Interactive Video™ are created by
Interactive video clips include kayaking and mountain biking coverage from the Subaru Gorge Games™
August 7, 2000


iMove™ Inc., the provider of Multiview Interactive Video™, today announced that used iMove’s new video format to create and post online sports coverage from the Subaru Gorge Games™. This coverage represents the first commercial example of iMove’s Multiview Interactive Video for the online sports market.

Viewers can log onto the site ( and choose to download three multicamera video clips including kayaking coverage at Big Brother Falls and the extreme lower course as well as mountain bike racing. In each video, viewers see three camera angles used to film each event, represented by the video thumbnails on the left-hand side of the screen. While watching the video, viewers can control which angle to see the event, switching back and forth between the three views as the video is playing. 

“iMove’s Multiview Interactive Video is well-suited to cover the online sports space, allowing content providers to capture the action from several different perspectives as well as enabling viewers to determine how to watch an event, from which direction and at what speed,” said Kermit Yensen, CEO of iMove. “The clips are well designed visually, competently and creatively and serve as showcases pieces of our technology.”, a B2B aggregator and provider of visual Internet content, currently offers 360-degree Interactive Virtual Tours (IVTs) of interesting venues and events, utilizing still image technology. iMove’s Multiview Interactive Video extends the capability to moving images. 

“iMove’s multicamera capability presented a solution to in terms of how to deal with moving images and give control of the video to our audience,” said Dan Hughes, president of “We will again be utilizing the technology to cover other sporting events, specifically the Fred Meyer Challenge.” will film the 2000 Fred Meyer Challenge, August 6-8, at the Reserve Vineyards and Golf Club in Aloha. Utilizing the capability of mulitivew interactive video in a different way, plans to shoot video of different golfers teeing off on the same hole and combine it into one video clip. Viewers will be able to compare the swing techniques of professional and celebrity golfers as they drive. These video clips will be available on the site as well. 

About iMove
iMove’s Multiview Interactive Video transforms video from a passive to an active experience for users of the Internet and interactive TV. iMove provides a production and delivery system that enables users of video content to select different camera angles, including a 360-degree spherical view, control playback speed and direction, rewind and freeze frames and delve into audio, text and website hotspots. Located in Portland, Ore., iMove is the only provider of Multiview Interactive Video on the market today, serving the interactive video needs for online sports, news/entertainment and e-commerce industries. For more information, consult the iMove website at or call 503-221-2449. 

About ( produces, owns and distributes 360-degree Interactive Virtual Tours (IVTs) to partners, affiliates and clients to enhance their visual content, drive traffic, improve user retention and increase online advertising revenues. specializes in producing IVTs of highly desirable areas of interest, including national and international communities, hotels, golf, ski and leisure resorts, college campuses, and commercial and residential development. These customized, ready-to-use IVTs integrate invisibly into partner and client sites and provide a more accurate and immersive online experience than is possible with still photos or text alone.

Based in Hillsboro, Ore., began in 1999 as a service for local residential real estate agents to showcase homes. They have now expanded into an international, multi-niche Internet content provider that is rapidly becoming the complete, one-stop source for all online immersive media. 


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