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Introducing a powerful new
software package that converts
standard video files into
interactive videos.

Any digital video can be converted into an interactive experience with iMove’s Multiview Production Suite v.6.0. Add audio, text, and website hotspots. The result? Immersion. Digital video is transformed from a passive to an active experience.

And this is just the beginning!

With the Multiview Production Suite, iMove introduces a whole new concept– Multicamera Video which preserves multiple camera views. Imagine watching a sporting event or a rock concert and being able to switch between camera angles at will. iMove’s Multiview Production Suite provides revolutionary interactivity in video content. 

With the Suite, you will totally immerse yourself – becoming part of what you see. You control movement. Select different camera views. With iMove’s versatile software you may create three types of Multiview Interactive VideoTM for the Internet or interactive TV:

iMove Makes it Easy to Produce Sophisticated Content

Converting current video clips into interactive video is a snap. Create compelling multicamera experiences by dragging the source files into the Production Suite. Embed URLs, audio, text, and other multimedia elements to make each video a doorway to additional information. The Production Suite takes interactivity to new levels, introducing unprecedented ways for content providers to tell and enrich stories.

Features and Benefits

Transfer control of the video to the user for a more compelling experience. Users will no longer passively watch the video, they will explore it and spend more time viewing and learning from the video.

Production System Requirements

Operating System Windows® 2000, Windows® NT 4.0, Windows 95, or Windows 98
CPU Intel Pentium® compatible processor at 300 MHz. If creating spherical video, an Intel Pentium® III processor at 600 MHz is recommended.
Memory 48 MB RAM (128 for spherical video) minimum, 200 MB swap space
Graphics Card 16-bit color minimum

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