iMove transforms the video experience, engaging the audience and turning each video clip into a subject for exploration and discovery. Hotspots are information portals, exposing details not apparent in the video itself. Click on a musician to get her personal biography. Click on the guitar to get its specifications. Click on the microphone and order the CD online.

Multicamera Events
iMove’s multicamera capabilities let you watch events in new and different ways. iMove’s Spherical Video can even put you in the middle of the action. Now instead of just watching, you are engaged, interacting with the content to change your point-of-view or to click on hotspots containing layers of information.

Interactive Storytelling
Multiview Interactive Video can be linked using hotspots. So in addition to simple clips, complex productions can include branching based on user selections. Storytelling becomes a participatory event, and viewers watching a story unfold can view it multiple times, each time with a different experience.

Virtual Tours
Multicamera video and spherical video can help take a user to places and experience them in new ways. Virtual tours can be as simple as an interactive walk through the Sistine Chapel, looking in all directions including the magnificent ceiling. Or virtual tours can take you to places that are dangerous or extreme – climbing a cliff, watching the bulls run around you in Pamplona, or even putting you inside the Space Shuttle.
Multiview Interactive Video provides commercial value in three ways:

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