Sports information sites are among the most heavily visited sites on the Internet. Over 22% of American households follow sports on the Internet. This traffic is driving increased advertising revenue on sports-related websites, which is projected to reach $4.7 billion in 2004. (source: Forrester research)

Highlights and Replays
Watch an instant replay on television and you are at the mercy of the broadcast director. Angles, playback speed, and schedule are on their terms, not your. A Multicamera replay in the iMove format lets you advance, rewind, and examine a play from all available angles. All views are synchronized so you can see the knee hit the ground, and then switch to another angle to see whether the ball is lose.

Training and Coaching
Interactive video lets you slow down the play or the move and watch it step by step. Hotspots can be added: click to hear a coach’s explanation. Show a golf swing from several angles; use a head-mounted camera and multicamera video to combine the athletes point-of-view with the wider traditional view of the action.

Support for Syndication and Subscription Models
iMove can provide a total solution for content rights holders looking to develop syndication or subscription revenue. Interactive Video can be hosted and served through iMove’s services, with advertising insertion and other value-added features. In the competition for audience attention, Multiview Interactive Video is a compelling enhancement to standard linear video. As for keeping users engaged, users have reported spending up to ten times as long with an iMove video clip than they would with a standard video clip. And as a way of delivering information, the iMove format lets you turn each clip into an information portal to embedded and linked data.

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