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  The iMove SVS 3500 Spherical Surveillance System

The SVS 3500 is the first surveillance system with the ability to acquire, process and display immersive high resolution, digital imagery in real time. iMove’s breakthrough in high resolution immersive sensor technology enables a flexible data transmission and distributed image processing architecture. The core technologies are iMove’s patented, immersive, high resolution SVS 3500 sensor architecture and proprietary real time software for spatial correction and seaming of the six digital image streams into an immersive image for display. These two core technical breakthroughs are incorporated into a modular architecture that supports unparalleled flexibility in configuration, operation and expansion of the system without significant impact to ongoing operation.

Key features of the SVS 3500 Security System:
  • Wide area of coverage – up to 360 degree x 360 degree spherical coverage.
  • Continuous coverage – works in both daylight and low light situations.
  • Integrated spherical motion detection – user sets the necessary guard zones and sensitivities.
  • Instant replay – automatically records all immersive video for instant replay to assess motion detection events. User has full control over setting the repository rules.
  • Advanced User Interface – provides situational awareness and high resolution assessment capabilities to maximize alarm response effectiveness.
  • Third Party Sensors – IR or other conventional analog or digital sensors can be integrated into the iMove SVS 3500 system.


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