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iMove is about to revolutionize the way sports, news, and e-commerce are presented on the Internet and interactive television. Multiview Interactive Video will bring a new class of video applications on line which will change the way we tell stories and sell products.

Working with content leaders like CNN, MSNBC, and Quokka Sports, iMove is developing a new class of visual experience called Multiview Interactive Video. Through this medium, content producers are empowering the user to control the video experience, selecting different points-of-view, and engaging with textual and Web data which is accessed through a video interface.

iMove’s Multiview Interactive Video builds on its experience in developing interactive imaging technologies. Working with iMove partners at Autodesk and Digimation, iMove delivers an interactive visualization solution that works in combination with 3D Studio MAX and VIZ. Working with partner Kaidan, Inc. iMove’s Spherical Photo Solution enables the creation of high resolution panoramic photography. In fall, 1999, iMove delivered the world’s first Spherical Video System for full-motion panoramic video.

Now we are about to take the next step, enabling interactive video productions as they have never been seen before. As they say in the television industry, stay tuned.


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