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  With more than twenty years of experience in technology companies Mr. Yensen provides the leadership and overall strategic focus to the iMove team. Most recently, as Vice President of Marketing for Tektronix Corporations Measurement Business Division, Mr. Yensen managed the divisions worldwide marketing organization, leading the transition of the division from a technology to a market driven focus. As President of Pi Systems, an early innovator in the pen-based computer business, and in senior level positions in Hewlett-Packards calculator division, Mr. Yensen brings an extensive background in the successful introduction of emerging technologies to the market. Mr. Yensen holds a BA in Economics from Denison University and a MBA from Harvard Business School.

  Co-founder of iMove and leader of the companys technology development. Dr. Ripley was a pioneer in the development of all digital multimedia for PC applications, first at Sarnoff Research Center and later in Intels DVI division, before founding iMove in 1995. Dr. Ripley has led the development of iMoves cutting edge video enhancement and panoramic movie technology. Dr. Ripley holds a MA in Mathematics from the University of California at Davis and a Ph.D in Computer Science from Iowa State University.

  Mr. Stewart has more than twenty years of experience in senior financial and operating roles. As an investor in several early stage technology companies, sometimes as a Board Director or CFO, Mr. Stewart provides valuable guidance to iMoves early stage development. Previously, Mr. Stewart was the CFO in the successful leveraged buyout and IPO of Hyster Company. Mr. Stewart holds a BA in Economics from the University of California at Santa Barbara and a MBA with Distinction from the University of Michigan.

Mr. Crispinelli has spent twenty five years in technology sales and business development with leading companies including Olivetti, Northern Telecom, and Diebold. His last four years have been with Internet-based companies in e-commerce, streaming media, and systems solutions. From 1996 until May, 1999, Mr. Crispinelli was Vice President, Global Business Development for CyberCash. Since then, he has been Vice President for Global Sales for Network 24 Communications (now part of Akamai) an Internet start-up delivering e-broadcast solutions for content publishers and interactive agencies.

  Mr. Hunt has more than fifteen years of experience in the software industry, most recently focused on bringing new media to the Internet. As founder and CEO of Netrights, Mr. Hunt led a team in developing and patenting a method for electronic copyright management. Following the acquisition of Netrights by Digimarc Corporation, Mr. Hunt joined Digimarc as Director of Corporate Sales, establishing relationships with companies including National Geographic, Washington Post, Smithsonian Institution, and Corbis. Mr. Hunt holds a Masters in Management from Antioch University and a BA in Film History from the University of Vermont.

  Mr. Park is responsible for all aspects of iMoves Spherical Camera development. Mr. Park has extensive experience developing and executing product development plans and directing product development teams for technology companies. Most recently as Vice President of Product and Business Development for SEIKO Communication Systems of America, Mr. Park was responsible for joint product development with partners IBM and Delco Electronics. Mr. Park holds a BS in Computer Science from Oregon State University and has served as a Board Director for several technology companies.


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