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iMove technology transforms the video experience through an extraordinary new capability called Multiview Interactive Video. Multiview Interactive Video engages viewers by changing their online video experience from passive to active. It changes user expectations by providing greater control, and it introduces new ways for content providers to attract and retain viewers, whether to drive a media or e-commerce model.  

Multiview Interactive Video consists of:

  • Interactive Video
Enhanced traditional video with hotspots and  playback control.
  • Multicamera Video
 Interactive video which allows the viewer to choose and switch between various camera angles.
  • Spherical Video
Interactive video with 360-degree spherical view captured by multiple lenses that immerses a viewer in a scene and all  the action it contains.

The iMove System will revolutionize the presentation of sports, entertainment, news, advertising, and e-commerce on the Internet and interactive television.

Multicamera Video gives the viewer control

Imagine a highlight of a winning touchdown. With Multicamera Video, hundreds of thousands of fans will play the highlight repeatedly, switching between all the available camera angles to review the play, and ultimately, purchase the highlight video or memorabilia.

Spherical Video

Spherical Video immerses viewers in the news. Imagine running onto the football field with the home team and experiencing the emotion of the moment from your computer, looking in all directions, unimpeded by the limited field of view in traditional video.  Spherical Video puts you in the action.




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