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Now works with 3D Studio MAX and 3D Studio VIZ version 3!

To view an iMove Panorama, you must have a browser that supports plug-ins.

Created by 4D, Inc.

iMove Panoramic Media for 3D Studio

Through our partnerships with Autodesk and Digimation, iMove offers Panoramic Media for 3D Studio.  This software package lets users of Autodesk 3D Studio MAX or VIZ create panoramas, panoramic walk-throughs, and interactive objects.  This is a must-have program for architects, engineers, multimedia developers, and other design professionals wanting to bring depth, interactivity, and panoramic realism to their work.

iMove Panoramic Media for 3D Studio includes:

Plug-in for 3D Studio (includes ability to create panoramas, panoramic videos and panoramic objects)
–  Computer-Generated (CG) Seamer
–  Interactivity Editor
–   Viewer and Browser Plug-in
–  ActiveX Control


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