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iMove Spherical Video System

iMove brings you the next renaissance in visualization spherical video. Using a multi-lens camera, the iMove Spherical Video System captures multiple streams of panoramic video that are seamed into one cohesive spherical video. This next-generation panoramic capture system is an all-digital software-based system.

The crux of the system is the SVS Camera a 2-inch cube with a lens mounted on each side. When activated, it captures multiple video streams of everything in view as it moves through an environment. Each captured frame is a complete 360° highly detailed spherical panorama.

The camera is attached via a cable to a portable computer SVS Camera Processor that records the multiple video streams.

The captured video streams are edited in the SVS Post System that includes a high-powered dual Pentium III workstation, Adobe Premiere nonlinear editing software package and the SVS Post Video Seamer. The finished video can be enhanced with embedded hotspots, linked to other spherical videos or placed in ActiveX-supported programs.

The iMove Spherical Video System includes:

” SVS Camera System

” SVS Post System



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