Martial Arts
Political Conventions
Long Jump
Baseball Pitcher
Airplane Landing
City Streets

interactive video 
 MED   1.1 MB 
martial arts
Sometimes a story happens too fast. When you’re trying to learn a complicated sequence of moves or steps, even traditional slow motion is a blur. iMove interactive video lets you control the playback: automatic or frame-by-frame, forward or reverse. Double-click on the information hotspots and let the coach tell you more. Add links to a sponsor website, and a piece of informational content becomes an interactive advertisement.

multicamera video 
 GORE   11.9 MB   BUSH   8.6 MB 
political conventions
MSNBC ( wanted to tell the political story in a new way. Watch Al Gore and George W. Bush deliver their acceptance speeches again, and appreciate the audience reaction, the faces of the crowd, and the energy of the event.

multicamera video 
 HIGH   5.7 MB 
Comparing the performance of two athletes has never been easier than through the combined solutions of iMove and InMotion Technlogies ( Watch these two long jumpers individually, or overlay one view upon the other.

multicamera video 
 HIGH   2.5 MB 
the baseball pitcher
In real life you only have a fraction of a second. Do you swing, or let it pass? Fortunately, Multicamera Video let’s you take all the time you need. Study three pitches frame by frame. Compare them. Can you guess what’s coming?

spherical video 
 LO   12.5 MB 
Airplane Landing
Surveillance, simulation and training exercises can be taken to the next level with the Spherical Video System 2000. Here you can survey the lay of the land as an airplane lands on a rural landing strip.

spherical video 
 LO   20.8 MB 
City Streets
With the new SVS-2000+, you have increased resolution. Whether it is for security purposes, simulation, or training, you will see during your drive around the back streets of Portland, Oregon how spherical video puts you in the movie.

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